Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wonderland at the Autumn Open Market

Sometimes SOMETHING happens even in this small town in the middle of nowhere... and since it happens only a couple of times a year (three, if we are very lucky) it feels almost imperative to go!
Of course I am talking about the open market :)

The open market comes always twice a year, in March and in November, and both times there are a couple of things we always buy: licorice and smoked salmon. Lots of them! Because at the market they are good and especially cheap.

But beside those, when I see something new and interesting I can't control my urge to spend more money. So this happened when I spotted a brand new stand of British fudge, never seen it before here, with all kinds of wonderfully colored fudge chunks!

Overwhelmed by the excitement - hey I found something new and a bit more interesting than the usual ham and cheese!! - I purchased 10 pieces of fudge: they smelled and looked awesome...
Too bad they didn't taste quite as good. It was a real disappointment. Even though we got 10 different flavors, all the fudges tasted almost identical!  They were way too sweet and sugary, and the texture too was awful, it was like eating soap!
I don't know if all the British fudge taste as bad as this, or we were especially unlucky with our purchase... but one thing is sure, they won't fool me again.

The other new thing we got was this wonderful smoked Gouda cheese! I can honestly say that it tastes delicious :)

And here some more photos of the open market and our shopping:

Lörtsy, a thin, half-moon shaped pie originally invented in Savonlinna, eastern Finland.
These were filled with rice and minced meat.

Many packages of lovely smoked salmon.

A stand with more traditional Finnish pastries and pies. YUMM!

Lots and lots of licorice. At the open market is commonly sold in meters, as you can see it's available in many different flavours! My bf is addicted to these, so he always buys about 30 meters of licorice :D


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