Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bento #2: Halloween bento

Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday. Because it's funny, colorful and spooky! I just love the little ghosts, pumpkin lanterns, witches' cauldrons and vampires! :D

It would be great if Halloween was celebrated in Finland as much as it is in the USA. It would be much easier to find Halloween goodies at the normal stores. Sure, few of them sell stuff for parties but they're usually only paper plates, outfits, masks and decorations. So I had in mind to make a Halloween inspired bento but I don't have the proper cutters (you know... bat, pumpkin shaped etc.) and I didn't want to order them from the internet just to make ONE bento.

But do not despair my pretties! I didn't give up. Using as smart as possible what I had at home and with a bit of crafting, the Halloween bento is born and is SPOOOOOOOOKY!!!

This is the bento I made for last year's Halloween. I hope I will have the time to make one this year too, even though I am planning to bake some Halloween muffins as well :)

The idea was to use just one container this time but since I really wanted to use a black bento box because it highlights other colors and of course looks more halloweenish, this 2 tier box was my only choice :3

In this box there are: ghost and bat chicken nuggets, two cheese&olives skewers with skull pics, cucumber stars, a spooky hard boiled egg ghost, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and broccoli.

In the second tier there is: a clementine Jack o' Lantern, gummy worms, candies and licorice skulls.

The nugget ghostie says "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!!!

The clementine works really well as pumpkin, right? :D

This bento was very fun to make and to eat!

Happy bento making! Happy Halloween!


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