Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bento #1: we start from here

Summer went reaaaaaaaaally fast, and here's is almost already full autumn with yellow leaves falling from the trees and the air getting chilly. It has been raining quite a lot too, and you can spot mushrooms everywhere. At the morning the temperature is about 10º C (50º F) ... BRRRRR >.<

Since here is becoming darker and darker everyday (kaamos is coming...), I try to cheer myself up making some colorful cute bentos. Bento is Japanese style packed lunch, you can find more info about bento in this post.

So, in the top tier there's some simple pasta with cherry tomato and cucumber slices in the cup.
In the bottom tier I put two rye bread sandwiches with ham and cucumber, some baby carrots, apple bunnies, grapes and a candy for dessert :)

As for the bento box I used, it's my small red two tier Hello Kitty bento.

Hopefully after this you'll get inspired and start making bento as well! :D


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